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Secure Kubernetes Operational Practices: Cross-provider Disaster Recovery

Say your cloud provider is ransomware attacked. Switching regions won't help: those are compromised, too. Learn how Elastisys implements "cross-provider" disaster recovery for our customers, which is great for all customers, and in particular those in sectors of high criticality (NIS2).

Container Platforms: Why and How?

This article is all about demystifying container platforms and showing what value they bring on several levels: business, organization, and tech. There is a summary at the end, but if you can’t wait: it’s all about realizing that platform operations, with the right tools, can be seen as a commodity, and is therefore possible to centralize internally or outsource. Both lead to significant increases in return of investment (ROI) and the reduction of operational expenses. If platform administration is also outsourced, it also leads to a substantially lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Kubernetes VS Docker

Learn about Kubernetes and Docker and gain a better understanding of how these technologies are used in the Cloud Native ecosystem.

Kubernetes “what is”

Our DevOps engineers explain basic Kubernetes and container concepts, such as Nodes, Pods, Deployments, and many more.