OpenShift Features and Their Kubernetes Counterparts

A while ago we looked at Kubernetes vanilla and OpenShift to try to figure out when to use which solution. In this post we will take a closer look at the alternatives available and why you may want to go through the hassle of setting things up in Kubernetes rather than relying on built in OpenShift functionality.

There is a reason why OpenShift includes a lot of functionality on top of what Kubernetes provides out of the box. It is simply needed in many cases. So why would you choose Kubernetes then? Why invest time and money on setting up tools needed to run your cluster? Read on to find out!

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OpenShift or Kubernetes vanilla – What do you need?

Container orchestration is moving from hype to mainstream quickly, with Kubernetes leading the charge. We have seen a lot of progress and exciting additions this year. But as the field matures, the requirements on the surrounding ecosystem also raise. It is not enough to “just” do container orchestration. You also need a logging solution, metrics collection, ingress support etc… Now the question arises: should you do this yourself or utilize an existing solution, like OpenShift?


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