We’re passionate about cloud

Our team consists of devops engineers and data scientists. A lot of us are tinkerers or homelab owners.

Our company was founded in 2011 and is a spin-off company from the renowned distributed systems research group at Umeå University. With a background in decades of internationally leading research in distributed systems, high performance computing and cloud automation we bring both hands-on experience and forwarding leaning thinking about cloud to the table.

Robert Winter



Erik Elmroth

Chief Scientist

Johan Tordsson


Henrik Enberg

Operations Manager

Linda Nordin

Business Developer

Peter Gardfjäll


Li Wu

Data Scientist

Mulugeta Ayalew Tamiru

Data Scientist

Jakub Krzywda

Software Engineer

Geoff Irwin

Software Engineer

Amanda Engström

Communication & Marketing Strategist

Lars Larsson, Communication Strategist at Elastisys

Lars Larsson

Senior Systems Architect

Simon Kollberg

Software Engineer

Viktor Forsberg

Senior Software Engineer

Cristian Klein

Senior Systems Scientist

Emil Vannebäck

Software Engineer

Lennart Jern

Software Engineer

Fredrik Liv

Software Engineer

Olle Larsson

Software Engineer

Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew

Senior Systems Engineer

Tobias Nebaeus

Software Engineer

Petter Svärd

Senior Systems Engineer

Ahmed Ali-Eldin

Senior Data Scientist

Gabriel Dragomir

Software Engineer

Danie Harr

Software Engineer

Erik Landfors

Software Engineer

Erik Gunne

Software Engineer