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Advanced Courses

Elastisys is a Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner, and a Kubernetes Training Partner, as well. 

We offer internationally recognized courses from the Linux Foundation that will strengthen your knowledge and practical skills. 

These official courses are great for DevOps, SREs, and application developers who want to ensure they reap all the benefits of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Administration (LFS458)

The Linux Foundations Kubernetes Administration (LFS458) teaches you how to build and administer a Kubernetes cluster in production, using cloud-native tooling.

The LFS458 is a good preparation for taking the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam.

Length: 4 days

The Linux Foundation Official Course

Kubernetes for App Developers (LFD459)

The Linux Foundations Kubernetes for App Developers (LFD459) curriculum, that teaches you how to containerize, host, deploy, and configure an application in a multi-node Kubernetes cluster in a production environment.

The LFD459 is a good preparation for taking the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam.

Length: 3 days

The Linux Foundation Official Course

Basic Courses

Courses crafted for organizations who are in the beginning of their cloud native journey.

Length: 1 day

A course providing all you need to know to start using containers and Docker. The course gives a deep understanding of the use case for containers and how to use Docker to build, deploy and operate container based workloads.

Length: 1 day

An eight-hour course giving you a deep understanding of best practice for production grade Kubernetes use-cases. We cover fundamental concepts such as etcd, the Kubernetes control plane, workers and clients.

Length: 1 day

A course that accelerates your understanding of the possibilities that comes with Prometheus and provides practical instruction on how to utilize Prometheus in the best way on Kubernetes.

Length: 1 day

A full-day course enabling you to start using Helm for managing the lifecycle of your Kubernetes applications. The training program covers both deploying applications using Helm as well as packaging your own application using Helm templating mechanisms.

Length: 2 days

Workshop series in two parts for organizations thinking about embarking on the cloud native journey.

1 – The business case for containerization and cloud native technology.

Separating the hype from what drives value in the cloud-native ecosystem. Covering the benefits of cloud-native technology, what’s in it for you, the low hanging fruits and how others in similar situations are approaching this transformation.

2 – Hands-on workshop

Delving into your specific challenges and detailing potential ways forward based on your teams specific circumstances.

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All courses are live, instructor-led and can be delivered on-site or on-line.

For organizations with more than five people interested in taking the course, dates,  training tempo, and content can be customized to fit your organizational needs.

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