How to work with us

Based in northern Sweden, we work with companies all over the world that want to enjoy the benefits of the modern, cloud-native approach to operating applications. Our engagements are always tailored to your specific needs. Here are some examples of how they usually look like.


We have long experience of condensing our experiences from customer projects, industrial best practices, and research know-how into workshops solving diverse problems.

We’ve done everything from external architectural reviews to hands-on implementation workshops for proof-of-concepts. In previous workshops. topics ranged from best practices for DevOps, containerization, and microservices to Kubernetes and OpenShift to cost-cutting and workload optimization for AWS, GCP, Azure, etc. Learn from our experience in a workshop to save time and money by getting your project right from the beginning.

Design and implementation

We help some of world’s most forward leaning companies to implement their microservice platforms and pipelines. Elastisys is based in Umeå in northern Sweden. We work both on-site and remote using highly skilled teams of cloud architects, data scientists, and DevOps engineers tailored to the task.


To take full benefit of the new, modern approach to software development and operations, your whole team needs to be onboard. This is as much about technical skills as taking ownership of new ways of working.
The Elastisys team has decade long experience of teaching distributed systems and cloud computing. Based on this, we offer training in Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift, heavily tailoring the content to your individual needs. This shortens onboarding and makes your teams productive faster.