Download and self-manage Compliant Kubernetes.


Starting at €1400/Month and Cluster

Grow with managed Compliant Kubernetes and business hour support.


Starting at €2500/Month
and Cluster

High availability deployment with enterprise grade SLA.


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On-premise installation of Compliant Kubernetes tailored to your specific platform, managed by Elastisys.

Onboarding Success Support (2 days)

We can help onboard your application on Compliant Kubernetes, and make sure that you are ready to enjoy the benefits of your new container platform. We outline best practices for observability, including metrics and logging. We run through Kubernetes best practices and production readiness checklist (limits, requests, liveness probes, readiness probes etc) and suggest secure, yet productive, settings for your application. Available both if you run the open source or managed version. Price: €2000

Database as a Service

Get your favorite database managed by Elastisys, deployed in the Compliant Kubernetes cluster.
PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Elasticsearch or Redis. Contact us for a price.

DevSecOps as a Service

Assign some — or all — of your DevOps tasks to our Cloud Native Security experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very easy to get started! You have two options. You can explore Compliant Kubernetes on your own with the open source version by following our installation guides over at the Compliant Kubernetes documentation site. Or you can get started with Compliant Kubernetes as a fully-managed service on any of our supported cloud environments.

Yes! You can gain the technical benefits of all the work we put into making Compliant Kubernetes by having your operators installing our open source Compliant Kubernetes Apps on top of your cluster. If you want Elastisys to manage your existing Kubernetes cluster with all the benefits of  Compliant Kubernetes for you with our best in class SLA, you should contact our Sales department and have them make a free assessment of how we can help you!

Elastisys gladly takes on DevSecOps as a service consultancy projects as part of our professional services offering. We can strengthen your team and reduce your time to market and success. Contact Sales today and set up an entirely commitment-free consultation meeting today.

Elastisys offers Managed Compliant Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform (GCP), CityCloud by CityNetworks, ACON, UpCloud, OVHcloud, Exoscale, Safespring, and compatible OpenStack or VMware-based (private) clouds. 

Compliant Kubernetes by Elastisys is a CNCF Certified Kubernetes distribution. That means that any tools or software that assume a working Kubernetes cluster will operate without issue on Compliant Kubernetes. So if you can deploy to Kubernetes, you can rest assured that you can deploy to Compliant Kubernetes. That said, we do take a stronger security stance by default than Kubernetes itself, which will disallow certain insecure configurations and deployments. These can be disabled if absolutely necessary to support e.g. running Pods as root. However, we strongly recommend that you keep the more secure settings.

You can reuse your existing pipeline. If you need help setting one up, Elastisys experts has experience with all the best-of-breed tools in the space

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