Pricing for Elastisys Cloud Automation Platform


The Elastisys Cloud Automation Platform is as a subscription service, priced in relation to the size of the virtual machines (VMs) it is managing. We bill monthly and on a pay-per-use basis, starting at $9 per server and month.

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How do you count VMs?

We take hourly snapshots of the number of VMs in use and average them out at the end of the month.

How can I control my cloud costs?

You can configure the Elastisys Cloud Automation Platform with scheduled capacity limits to gain full control of spending. Simply set an upper and lower bound on the number of VMs that are permitted, and the platform only works within those bounds.

On-premise and hybrid cloud deployment

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Questions about pricing?

If you would like clarification regarding our pricing scheme, or a detailed rundown for a particular cloud provider, please contact us.